Does my child need a diagnosis to access Sense Rugby?

No. Sense Rugby is not exclusive to any particular diagnosis, disability or special needs. We welcome children who do or don’t need specific assistance to be part of a group, and work to develop their skills. Sense Rugby is however, ideally suited to children who usually find traditional sports groups difficult. This is because of the following reasons:

  • There is always an Occupational Therapist running the groups. The Occupational Therapists are carefully chosen for their experience and understanding of a variety of different special needs.
  • The activities, instructions and structure of the group are adapted to allow for children to find it easier to participate.
  • The skills are often repeated numerous times to allow for more time for learning.

What age does Sense Rugby cater for?

We usually cater for children between 4 an 14 however; we are happy to tailor a programme to suit the needs of the children in the group.

Is the programme affiliated with Rugby League or Rugby Union?

Sense Rugby is passionate about inclusion and is primarily a therapeutic programme. We teach the core skills of both and hope that our participants will be able to join the teams at their local rugby league or union club of their choice after our programme.

How many kids are in a group?

We cap the groups at 10 children per group with 2 adults. There is always at least 1 Occupational Therapist and 1 rugby coach.

Where does Sense Rugby run and how do I get it to come to my region?

Sense Rugby runs in schools, local clubs and Non-Government Organisations. We are flexible in our approach and the frequency of our session however; ideally we run a 10 week programme on a weekly basis that last for 1 hour. We also offer holiday intensive camps.

Sense Rugby is available to run in the following locations across Australia:

  • Central Coast, NSW
  • Rockhampton, QLD
  • Sydney, NSW
  • Newcastle and the Hunter, NSW

If you can’t find your location on the list, get in touch with us and we can work on setting the location up.

Am I able to use my NDIS/FACHSIA/MEDICARE funding to access Sense Rugby?

Please contact us if you are hoping to use funding to access the programme as this varies between locations.