Ambassadors and Team Members


Charlotte Caslick
Here at Sense Rugby we are so passionate about inclusion, overcoming misconceptions and working hard to make your dreams come true. We could not think of a better ambassador for this than Charlotte Caslick who fearlessly joined a sport traditionally played by boys, made it her own and then went on to win a gold medal at the Rio Olympics with the amazing Australian Womens 7s Team. She’s outspoken about being a team player and not only that but she loves kids and has been more than happy to give our Sense kids a hand at many of our groups.

Team Members

Jake Du Chateau

Central Coast local Occupational Therapist Jake Du Chateau has been part of the Sense Rugby team since his final year of Occupational Therapy at Newcastle University. Jake is fantastic at making genuine connections with the kids he meets and enthusiastically shares his love for sport with the Sense Rugby team.

“Rugby League and Rugby Union has been a major part of my entire life, and I have played as a junior through to this current day. I have personally experienced the enjoyment and benefit of being part of a rugby team, and look forward to helping the kids do the same. Sense Rugby combines my two passions of Rugby and Occupational Therapy into the program, which is a perfect match. Working with the kids involved with Sense Rugby gives me immense pleasure seeing them grow in self-confidence, independence and working as a team throughout the program.”

Luke Walsh

After a chance run-in with Carlien and Jesse, Luke became one of the initial Occupational Therapy students to work in our program. He has become invaluable to the team ever since, and became the leading Inner-West Sense Rugby Occupational Therapist following a recent move from the Central Coast to Sydney with his partner Beth who is a Speech Pathologist.

“My name is Luke Walsh & I’m one of the Paediatric Occupational Therapists here at Sense Rugby. I completed my studies at the University of Newcastle and graduated with honours. Being involved with Sense Rugby is like a dream come true. The program converges on two of my main passions in life; sport and OT. I’ve grown up playing rugby league and continue to play today. I have been fortunate enough to play in some great teams and share my successes with team mates, family and club. Now, with Sense Rugby, I have the opportunity to give back to the game by providing children with the same opportunity while developing their physical, social & emotional skills. Assisting children to experience the feelings of joy, confidence and accomplishment that can only be achieved through team sport is the source of my motivation and passion for the program.”